Thursday, 24 April 2014

Book work

I received these in the post a few weeks back but only now getting a chance to post about them.
You can buy the christmas chunkie books here and here and here. The spine of each of these books has a food scent infused in the spine which is cute! So there is cherry, chocolate and minty scent on the spines when you rub them.
These particular Follow me books do not appear to be available yet so this is a sneak peek :0)

Monday, 14 April 2014

Books and jigsaws delivered!

I've finally got a load of new books and jigsaws to add to my growing collection of printed works :0)
These are all from Caterpillar books and you can get a couple of them in UK on Amazon. All the others should follow on soon...the publication dates are staggered over the coming months. A lot of my book are foreign versions and I will post some more photos soon so watch this space :0))

Thursday, 10 April 2014

London photos & phones

A few more photos from last week when I was down in London. Didn't really get much opportunity to take photos and these are on my mobile phone so not that good. Check out the fancy wheels outside my hotel! There was a chauffeur with this car and he was out polishing the private license plate.
My mobile phone didn't work on the friday when I most needed it-no network!! so I order a new phone and received it on wed. Delighted!...that is until I dropped it and it broke! :0(
So now it's being repaired and costing me a fortune to boot.
It's sods law that the one time I get a decent mobile phone that is the one I decide to drop.

Monday, 7 April 2014

London trip

Recently I travelled down to London for a business meeting with clients. The travel was fine even though I had to do a lot of switches from planes,trains and buses etc.
It was so nice to see everyone in person and I was shown lots of my books that are in dummy stage at the moment and also a schedule of work that will keep me going for months to come so very happy! :0)) Everyone was very complimentary about my work which was lovely to hear. I even got in a little tiny bit of site seeing at Fulham palace where I saw the Bishops tree with it's quirky carvings.
The hotel I stayed at was fabulous with gorgeous rooms and a funky spa. Would recommend it to anyone thinking of treating themselves :0)