Friday, 27 September 2013


I've been waiting on feedback with jobs so right now I am playing around with patterns, characters and colour which is always lots of fun :0))
Weather here is dull, grey and damp-the sort of weather I hate so it is a good thing I can brighten up my day myself! 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

work and play

I am reading this wonderful book right now. I'm absolutely loving it! Obviously I'm not reading it in french but the translated version and oh! it's so so wonderful :0)) I love the film so it stood to reason for me to read the book.
Work wise I am ploughing on. Here is a little peek at some of the textile design I've been working. I am also doing kids books for 3 different clients and did a scraper board type illustration for bakery packaging depicting a rural landscape.  

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Go the hedgehogs!

I watched this programme "Britain's Big Wildlife Revival"
 the other night and really enjoyed it. Among other interesting animal related topics they told the story of the plight of the dwindling hedgehogs which I find really sad. I am a life member of the British Hedgehog Preservation society and I would hate to see a decimation of the population to the point of extinction....they said it could happen by 2025  if I remember correctly. so here is my little hedgehog character to raise some awareness. Please look out for our little prickly friends!