Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Words of warning to other illustrators

I want to give a heads up to other illustrators out there. I know I wouldn't want anyone else to have this same experience.

Recently I was contacted by a Korean publishers which I was delighted about. They had a great project for me-I was excited to make a start. We were corresponding on a daily basis-very pleasant and nice communications. She was delighted too that I was able to work on the project. She loved my work!
I was sent a contract and I made a start on sketches.
Sent the first page of sketches off for review and didn't hear anything for a couple of days which I allowed for with them being in Korea and the time difference.
I then sent an email asking if they could let me know that they received the sketches and was looking forward to feedback...nothing.
A couple of days later I sent another email-perhaps she was ill and I could expect to hear from her soon.
Still nothing. No explanation or acknowledgment. I am now resigned to the fact they are making it clear they do not want to move forward with this project and me.
I was first contacted on the 24th of dec and last contact was on 6th january when I sent the sketches.
The real sore point for me is no explanation-I've been left totally in the dark as to why this company have, for some reason, decided to sever all contact without even a thanks but no thanks.
I am extremely disappointed and in all my years of business I've never been treated like this.
I probably won't get any payment for the work I did do (although I have now sent an invoice for work done to date). I am just thankful it was only sketches and only one page.
It just goes to prove how unprotected we all are with foreign clients.
Fortunately my other foreign clients are all very gracious, courteous and professional- and I am back to them, always.
This Korean publisher are not so I want to warn other illustrators about them.
I sent this publisher another email this morning, giving them one more chance to get in contact and to give an explantation as to why they are not corresponding with me anymore.
I doubt I'll hear anything.

For any of you illustrators out there-if you would like to contact me privately regarding this issue please feel free to do so :0)


Julie Clay Illustration said...

That sounds downright disgusting, I do hope they haven't ripped you off, but it does sound very questionable. It's very hard knowing just what to do about copyright etc, you need to promote yourself and can't always totally protect yourself, especially when people are like this. Sometimes it does take ages for people to make decisions, but I would be doubtful as you are. Hope it works out OK for you :)

Caroline B said...

So sorry this happened to you - I don't know what it is about the illustration business that seems to give people license to muck artists about. Hope you get it sorted.