Friday, 17 May 2013

No work and all play?

What a perfectly awful day I've had. Trip up to Royal Infirmary in Glasgow for appt with my Plastic surgeon.  I had to get a bus up to Glasgow instead of train, cos it was running 1/2 hour late,  so I run round to bus station. I get into the hospital and wait ...and wait...and wait...2 hours the surgeon is running late!!
So I have my consultation and she tells me I'll be looking at an overnight stay in hospital sometime later in year-a bit of lipo modelling to get the symmetry right on my new boob. Way hey! Fat taken from my thighs and possibly my tum. Cycling shorts in order after the lipo modelling apparently-nice.
Physio nurse tells me I've got frozen shoulder (as well as tennis elbow) and that it can take up to 18 months to get better. Great. So more rounds of physio for me for both my shoulder, arm and back massaging and stretching exercises.
 So then I leave the hospital at last....I just miss a bus so I go to find something to eat...come back and find I've just missed another bus! So in all, I end up waiting round for over an hour for bus home. There's a scum family with screaming kid in the bus station and they get on my bus.  Joy.
So to me this has seemed like an awful day off work....I don't like! I have so much work on and will have to work extra time over weekend on top of what I had planned, just to catch up!
Ah least it's not everyday you're told you'll be having fat sucked out your bod to be put somewhere else-yum :0)

Here's a little section of patten I sold recently :0)

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