Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Exams, work and bad weather

So my daughter is mid exams right now-standard grades, poor her. I'm pretty confident she will do well in all as she got all A's for her prelims the smart cookie that she is :0) So here's a little section of aop I did recently to fall in with the exam theme :0)
Me, I'm working hard on lots of different projects- a large jigsaw, 4 chunky board books, spot art for 2 different clients, a website design (which is nearly finished thankfully) and  a wall chart in the offing. Phew!
So stinking mad about the weather....it is just sooooo bad here. Very cold, wet, windy and grey. I was out walking my dog this morning with my winter coat  and the hood up. That's the norm.
All I can do is hope we'll get some sun with heat soon!


marikilla said...

so cute!! ;)

Unknown said...

Woo thank you! I wish it was as easy as abc ;-D x

Annie - said...

It is 100° here in Omaha Nebraska, Middle of the USA!
I was wondering if you would want to post this terribly CUTE pencil pattern on my pattern parade (blog). I will link it to your blog, website...


Take a peak, see what you think :-)