Tuesday, 29 November 2011

weather and work

the weather is getting me down. I can't get motivated with my work at all at the moment which is odd for me so I'm blaming the weather-soon it'll be this stuff,

which is fine as long as we get loads and it lies but it won't cos we're in the UK and snow is seriously pathetic here :0(
Give me clearly defined seasons please!!!
All we're getting is rain, cold, wind and grey... very disappointing to wake up to each day.
Boo hoo.


pop-i-cok said...

I agree...it's dark and cold and wet and miserable....and so hard to get up on a morning....but it would be so much worse if you were wearing crocs! ;-) x

Amanda Dilworth said...

Sorry you have the winter blues, Definitely know what you mean about the weather. Hope you get inspired again soon :) love your cute characters.