Friday, 25 November 2011


Someone said on facebook this week "does anyone even look at blogs anymore?" Well I do. I check my follow blogs every day. It does seem funny though when you've got a few followers that you only get a very small amount of actual comments.
If I follow a blog it's cos I actually want to see what they are posting and I do make comments when I feel it's warranted. 
So I'd say, if you have looked at someone's work it's nice to leave a comment, however small it is. It's always encouraging to know that people out there are actually taking notice and you're not just posting to thin air :0)
Oh and thanks so much to all my lovely followers-nearly getting to the 100 stage! Woopee!
Here is a little cow I did last week.


design Jessica said...

I read blogs every morning, my boss would kill me if he knew! I always struggle with finding content for mine though, the rest of the day is so busy. I feel a bit guilty because I'd be lost if everyone else that blogged was too busy too!

Claudio Cerri said...

Very cute!!

neelam said...

So cute and lovely. Beautiful and nice post.

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Rosie maddocks said...

Yes Fhiona, I like to read blogs too, and see what other designers/ makers / artists are doing. When you are freelance its kind of like an online community. I have noticed that you read my blog, Fhiona, and you leave some lovely comments, so thank you very much!!!

P.S I love your dolphin!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh my goodness it's so true. I look at blogs too.
I know that everyone is looking for the newest thing to come, but I love looking at blogs for sure. I adore this little cow. She is adorable. Thanks so much for stopping by.
Best to you.

Valea said...

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