Wednesday, 9 March 2011

rem- collapse into now

Been listening to the sample of this album on spotify since last week and now the whole album is on and I must say there are some real gems on it. I especially love " Oh my heart", "Everyday is yours to win", "walk it back" and "it happened today".
I've been a fan of Rem for years now but sort of lost my way with them after the album "Out of time" and have to admit not listened to all their music since then but I do love, love, love some of their songs and rate some of them among my all time fave songs that I can listen to tirelessly. Isn't it great when you love music as much!
Go on treat your ears and have a listen!


Caroline B said...

I'm glad you approve of this album - I'm waiting for it to be delivered from Amazon and I know if you like it I will too!

Louise Allen said...

I love REM I saw them once at Glastonbury they were brill, I can't wait to listen to this album!