Wednesday, 23 March 2011


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well it's a nice day here today again! Yeah!
Got a dentist appointment today -a little chunk of a filling came out the other night when I was munching on a tortilla chip! :0(
I'm on a bit of a health kick right now to try and get in shape for summer.
Been on 2 jogs-last night out with my dog. He's good at keeping the pace :0)
Hope I can keep it up!

Work wise I'm hellish busy. Was working last night til 8.30 which isn't too bad at all. Got so much on and it's all kids work which is great fun :D
Here's a little piggy sketch I did the other day.

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bee said...

So glad to hear you are busy with work!! That's a great thing, even if it means long days and waking up tired :D This little piggy is just gorgeous, I wanna put him in my pocket hehe!! Good luck with all your work :)