Friday, 2 July 2010

Thought you might like to see my hubbies artistic talents!
He did this a little while ago of our dog Benson.
Think he did a pretty good job :0)
and here is my latest attempt- a wee job for a charity the willow foundation.
My painting, along with several others by various artists and even celebs, will be on sale later in year. I'll give more details later on.
I am doing an acrylic painting and here is a little sneek peek of it so far-still quite a bit of work to do yet.


Karen said...

WOW! Your hubby is very talented! Can't wait to see your finished painting!!! It looks like it's going to be really CUTE!!!

Caroline B said...

That's a lovely pic of Benson - well done your hubby!
I wonder who that smiley green face belongs to.....

cally jane studio said...

Wow! Great pictures! Your hubby is well clever! What a talented couple you make! :)

ginger bred said...

Jeeees! That picture of Benson is amazing! Your hubby is extremely talented! Looking forward to seeing your painting finished to see who it is with the cute smiley face :)

bee said...

Holy mackerel! Talented hubby! What a fabulous portrait of Benson. Hmmm I can't wait to see your finished painting, it's already looking mighty cute!

natural attrill said...

Your dog is gorgeous Fhi, and the painting of Benson by your hubby is really good.
Looking forward to seeing the acrylic.

milk overdose said...

thanks a lot for putting my blog on ur list! lovely works here.. <3

best regards,

Dale Simpson Illustrator said...

Just LOVE Benson portrait :-)