Monday, 26 July 2010

back from hols

fun in Egypt!
We had a great holiday in Sharm el Sheikh and sad to be back to dull, wet, cold scottish weather as usual :0(((
That's me and my daughter on the camels.
We saw the moon up close through a telescope on a star gazing night in the desert.
The fish and coral were amazing as we snorkeled off the jetty (every day) which went into deep water-even saw the endanger species the Napoleon fish up close!
So back to work now and got a few things to be getting on with-spec work for card designs, charity work, a possible new job on horizon for wed and some poster designs for children.


Tamara Henderson said...

Wow! It look like you had sooo much fun on your holiday! I would love to see the moon and Mars up close through a telescope!

Caroline B said...

Wow, you had a good holiday! I hope the underwater experiences will inspire more of your marine characters!

Karen said...

WOW! Great photos! What an amazing adventure!!! Welcome home!