Friday, 28 February 2014

2 new books!

I'm happy to announce publication of the first of these board books I've been working on with Little Tiger.
They are due out on the 3rd of march and you can get them on their website here or on Amazon.
The concentric circles you can see in the cover designs are die cut holes that go through the whole book.
I'll try and get some pics of the spreads later.


Vicki Gausden said...

These look so cute!

Unknown said...

Our 7 month old daughter absolutely loves ROAR. We have to read it to her over and over, and she loves looking at all the animals. The last page is her favorite. She giggles and touches the page. We are going to get the other books also.

Fhiona Galloway said...

Oh that's delightful! I can tell you there are more to come in this series so please do keep checking on Amazon or Caterpillar books for updates on new title. Hope your daughter continues to enjoy them :0)