Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Can we have some sun and warmth and no more rain and wind? I'm sooooooo fed up of dreadful weather. Transport me to some tropical haven with palm trees and blue seas...and NO CLOUDS!
Ah that feels better... rant over about weather....for now.


Caroline B said...

It's on its way, honest! Spring has definitely sprung here in the south, it must be moving your way, hold on a little longer!

lisa stubbs said...

gorgeous illustration! it's on it's way for sure! i've pinned this little lovely on my 'Sonny' board
Hope you're feeling good x Lisa xx

sheree boyd said...

It's FINALLY started to warm up here in NY which is good b/c I was going out of my mind with all the cold and the rain (not to mention all the snow we had this year!) I was ready to pack the greyhounds in the car and just drive south until I hit Key West Florida and let the dogs chase all the Hemmingway cats at the Hemmingway house. :)

Your sun is super sweet and adorable!