Friday, 15 March 2013

Then and now

A year ago today I was sitting up in a hospital bed waiting for my big op.
Little did I know then the full impact of what I was going to be going through physically, mentally and emotionally, then and now.
Unless you've been through it, only other cancer patients can truly appreciate, know and understand what it's really like and how you feel but it is fabulous to get the support of family and friends :0)

I was being so reflective there cos I couldn't sleep last night (par for the course) and so kept thinking about how things have been and how they progress.
The good news is I am so busy with work! Just got a new job in the pipeline to start in April and it will take me through to end of year! 2 books of spot illustrations.
I also have other spot illustration jobs on right now so I'm feeling a bit like the Queen of Spots! For a while there I was feeling like the Queen of bath books! :0)
So here are the most recent bath books I received in post the other day.


Nicholas Hong said...

your cute appealing design makes me happy! Another new follower for you! >.<

Kelly Medina said...

Congrats on all the work coming your way. Much deserved - you're an amazing illustrator. These bath books are adorable. I need to pick some up for my kiddo. I'm looking forward to seeing your spot illustrations!

natural attrill said...

I cant imagine what it's like Fhi, but I am so glad that you've got through it all. Here's wishing you good health and lots of lovely new commissions too!

Anonymous said...

I've just nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award... see my blog post for details :)