Thursday, 21 February 2013

Good news!!

Yesterday I got some good news! I had my 1st yearly follow up at the hospital and I've been given the all clear-yeay! So now I feel I can move forward, get fitter, focus and relax a bit more.
It's a beautiful clear, crisp, fresh, blue sky day here too so that makes me happy :0)
And another thing that makes me happy... my dog last night...he likes his comfort!


natural attrill said...

love Penny.x

Vicki Gausden said...

Fantastic news and gorgeous pup! He's very photogenic and clearly a bit of a poser :-) x

pop-i-cok said...



Caroline B said...

That really is wonderful news!

Benson cuddles a cow?

Magpie Magic said...

That's great news. I am so happy for you. :-) xo

lisa stubbs said...

Fantastic! brilliant news x enjoy xxx

Kelly Medina said...

Hi Fhiona,

I've been a bit out of blogging lately and catching up. I'm so happy to see this post and that you have such great news!

All the best :)