Tuesday, 4 September 2012

sexy kit!

I'm getting this sexy bit of kit delivered hopefully this week.....can't wait!!!!
My old tablet has been a joy but I think this will be on a whole new level.
Work wise still keeping madly busy so very happy about that :0))
Lots of children's projects on the go.
Health wise I'm doing ok-finished chemo and onto a drug for next 5 years.
Hoping to see some hair coming back on on my baldy bonce soon! :0))


lisa stubbs said...

Fantastic!!!! well done you x that seems to have flown by! and fab on the work front too, you've done ace xx

ginger bred said...

Oooo looks great! :)
So glad to hear all is going well too... work and health wise! You're a superstar!! x

Vane Saucedo said...

Ohh beautiful this one congratulations!!