Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I'm back!

Hi people!
I'm back to working today...obviously taking it a bit easier though.
Had a 6.5 hour op and only got the last of 4 drains out on friday there.
Was in hospital for 8 days and I can tell you if it wasn't for hubbie bringing me lovely M&S veggie and fruit salads I'd have starved! Food was seriously yucks!
So glad to be home again and getting back into old routine.
Best of all weather is fabulous here! I'll be taking full advantage of that later today :0))


pop-i-cok said...

Get out in the sun and take it easy xx

Cally Johnson-Isaacs said...

Hey Fhiona, I hope you're feeling well. Sending you all my love and very best wishes. Glad the sunshine is out for you xxx

lisa stubbs said...

So glad to hear your back home and enjoying the sunshine :) take it easy sending bags of good health Lisa xx

Jo Brown said...

glad you're back,enjoy the sun! best wishes Jo