Friday, 24 February 2012

Bad news, Good News and way hey!

Well I feel it's come to the time for me to tell you something important that has happened to me.
Yesterday, after a 3 week wait and various tests, I am going into hospital for a major operation.
I won't be going for another 4-5 weeks yet but it means I'll be busy trying to get things in order work and home wise.
I'm starting on my journey lots of women take, the road to recovery from breast cancer.
I'm a bit young to be getting it, generally speaking, and was only diagnosed through sheer luck with going to my doc about another problem late last year.
I had and have no symptoms- there is no lump.
So that was the bad news....the good news is things seem very positive at the moment and I couldn't be doing any better with my work right now. Really enjoying it :0)
If I'm busy I'm happy!
and the way hey? well that's just for the hell of it :0)
Wish me luck!


lisa stubbs said...

Ah you don't need luck you'll do just fab and fine the key is to stay positive, every situation has a silver lining believe me it's true. You're brave and strong and if I can kick cancers bottom you definitely can!!! Sending lots of love positive vibes and a massive interweb hug, you'll get through no probs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Helen Pickup said...

Hope everything goes well, luck and love to you xxx

Amanda said...

As a fellow cancer sufferer I say, "kick that cancer in the butt & be positive!" which it sounds like you are being. I know that all the surgery is scary and not nice but at the end of the day it is necessary for you to continue enjoying your work & life in general. My dad had breast cancer and after his op has been clear now for 10 years :-)

Wishing you all the luck in the world and heres to a speedy recovery.


Jayne Schofield said...

Wishing you all the best's true what Lisa says....stay positive and strong...sending love xx

fhiona galloway said...

Thanks everyone and in particular Lisa and Amanda xxx
it means a lot to hear nice and encouraging words from folks :0)

Tamara Henderson said...

Hey Fhiona, I hope all is well with you and that's great your doctor caught it early. Take it easy and have a wonderful week!

ginger bred said...

Hey Fhiona! Wishing you all the luck in the world... not that you will need luck because everything is going to be absolutely fine, like the other peeps have all said, stay strong. Sending you lots of love and gingerbred sized hugs (which are massive!!) :) x