Tuesday, 14 June 2011

10 canine commandments.

I am a sucker for anything related to animals and I found this online and it made me cry.
I love my dog very much and sometimes it hard to take knowing he'll only be here for a few more short years. Not very happy thoughts I know but I do really like this poster and the thoughts behind it cos it's so true.
Just thought I'd share it with you and all you dog and animal lovers out there :0))


Tamara Henderson said...

I love my little doggie too!! Thanks for sharing this cute poster!

Caroline B said...

If only all dog owners followed these commandments! I got a shock this year when our pet insurance came through & now classifies Clovis as 'elderly' because he will be 9 next month - he's still a pup to me. (Certainly behaves like a big kid a lot of the time...)

victor fox said...

Hey Fhiona,
Thanks for the comment on my little toot designs! yes indeed i wanted them to have a retro feel to them.
thanks again!
and i think iv said it before, but seriously your turtle image for your website, is the best! i love him!!!
Clare x

Rosie maddocks said...

Ah, that's so sweet, I might cry! I have a cat who I love very much and she is 12. I'm hoping she has a good few years yet! Yes, these commandments make you think....