Wednesday, 18 May 2011

easter designs-FG

easter designs-FG
Originally uploaded by fhiona galloway.

little cute designs I did recently.

On a more"off topic" note I wonder if any of you girlies (or way out guys!!) out there could help me?
I'm looking for a "real" WATERPROOF MASCARA for my hols this year. Something that will withstand swimming under water. Is there such a thing?
Everything I see online, the reviews only deal with being able to cope with crying or sweating or rain...I want mega water attack proof mascara!!
I bought a Blinc trial size and it's rubbish! No volume and it came off pretty easily in water.
Any good experiences from anyone??-would be really appreciated :0)))


Tamara Henderson said...

super cute bunny!!

uhooi said...

Waw,, It works very funny, creative and good,,