Monday, 15 November 2010

website screen shot

website screen shot
Originally uploaded by fhiona galloway.

been updating my website so if you have a spare min you could pop over and take a look :0))
Uploaded a few new pieces and gave the pages a christmassy feel.


natural attrill said...

Hi Fhi,
Just had a look at your website, it's looking good!

8happyrainbow said...

Wow ! I like your children illustration all. ><

Magpie Magic said...

Hi Fhi,

A few comments - first, you should add a button for people to navigate from your blog to your website - makes it easier for people to find it.

When you click on "contemporary" the blue snow background vanishes. Also, I'd centre the lot as on my screen it's really tiddly and jammed into the top left-hand corner. It'd be nice if it all was a little larger. I think older people or people with sight impairments might have a problem with the size of the text and the thumbnails.

Otherwise it looks great. Some nice new graphics. :-) xo

fhiona galloway said...

hi Sybille-taken into consideration your comments here thanks.
I'm afraid the tech stuff is out my hands as it is a professional business who built my site for me.
I don't feel the size of type is a problem myself I have to say.