Friday, 19 February 2010 | Ending dolphin slaughter in Taiji | Ending dolphin slaughter in Taiji
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I was appalled to see this on the news tonight and would urge anyone to help in any way they can.
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What they filmed was truly horrific. After driving the dolphins into the cove by hammering on metal poles, the fishermen repeatedly stab the helpless animals until the water turns blood red. Some of the dolphins, traumatised by witnessing the horrific slaughter of their pod members, are captured alive to be sold to aquaria and ‘swim with dolphins’ programmes around the world.
The Japanese government tell the fishermen that dolphins are “pests” that eat too many fish, but the real reason for fishery declines is human over-fishing, climate change and pollution.


natural attrill said...

Oh no, this is dreadful, awful..

Gordon Fraser said...

Indeed it is Auntie P...signed and sealed!