Friday, 6 November 2009

part of GBMP

part of GBMP
Originally uploaded by fhiona galloway.

little part of a pattern i've been working on


natural attrill said...

Hi Fhi,
Lovely gingerbread characters!
Did you actually paint them on fabric, or is it done in PS?
I see you've recently joined Ladybird group, saw this image there on weekend, I havent posted there for a while.
Glad to see you've loads of work.

fhiona galloway said...

it's done in PS Penny.

fhiona galloway said...
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Gordon Fraser said...

They're really cute Fhi....but I bet you anything, they come to live at night....creep up the stairs and get ya!...EVIL GINGERBREADMEN!!

Helz said...

Very cheerful little chappies Fhi... love 'em! Helz x