Friday, 19 June 2009

froggies -fg

froggies -fg
Originally uploaded by fhi.

I''m getting fed up! Why don't I get commissions from children related clients so much? I'd love to do licensing work and have put feelers out in those areas but to no avail and my agents are trying but I'm not getting a nice juicy children's project :0(
Lots of promises then they fall by the way side :0(
One day I'll get that fun, quirky cool children's job!
Oh and I've uploaded some new images to my website-check them out please :0)


Magpie Magic said...

Sweet little frogs. :-)

Your website is looking good, too.

natural attrill said...

Like the winking frog!

Good luck Fhi.

natural attrill said...

i like the one with the hat.