Wednesday, 27 May 2009

mermaid success!

mermaid success!
Originally uploaded by fhi.

I'm very excited....this design has won at the Louie awards in the US!
I don't know what the finished card design is like but I'm hoping to get a copy.
If anyone out there has seen it I'd be delighted to hear from you :0))
The publisher is Paper Magic.


Gordon Fraser said...

Congrats Fhi Fhi! (really cute design!)

Helen Pickup said...


Magpie Magic said...

Hi Fhi,

That is brilliant news! And such a lovely design. I always liked the little mermaid. Shame they didn't invite you the award ceremony... it should have been you who got the award rather than Paper Magic!

natural attrill said...

Congratulations Fhi!
I like the way the colour graduates on the mermaid lettering.

ismoyo said...

Congratulations! That is wonderful!
In what category did it win?

fhiona galloway said...

Hi ismoyo,
I'm not sure but think the category is children. I'm still waiting to hear more news about it.
thanks everyone :0))

Sue said...

A very well-deserved win, IMHO. Well done, Fhi!