Tuesday, 2 December 2008

little tex fish-FGI

little tex fish-FGI
Originally uploaded by fhi.

Doodling just before I go out in the cold with my dog.
Still on the fudge packaging job but getting there :0)
Got word yesterday of a new project which is going to mean regular work for me for a while-yippee!
Waiting on all the details.


Gordon Fraser said...

really cute Fhiffels!!

(have you got a new newspaper round..they're pretty regular! HAW HAW!!)

natural attrill said...

I like the way the texture creates a soft edge to your character, really nice loose look and I love the colours too!
Great news on regular work, is it more tv stuff?

fhiona galloway said...

thanks Goth and Penny :0)
More work is for a kids magazine-very hush hush at the mo.

natural attrill said...

Sounds exciting, hope we can hear more about it in the future sometime.
Well done Fhi!