Monday, 8 September 2008

fruit bowls and work

Sorry not been posting too often but very busy with work. Isn't this a cool fruit bowl? Bought it for our new kitchen and it looks swell.
You can get one too from here: mode twentyone.
Can't post any work here as it's all hush hush but hope to post some in the near future.


mim said...

Hey nice blog here!
and yess a nice bowl though!
me hope to see more works in the near future too from you!

Gl, mim

Caroline B said...

Cool bowl! No good for cherries though... I'm in the same position as you, working my socks off and not really able to show anything yet. Hope yours is going well.

natural attrill said...

Like the bowl Fhi. Is your new kitchen all stainless steel I wonder?
Hope your work is going well, glad to hear that you are busy.