Wednesday, 12 March 2008

new book!

I'm delighted to report I am working on a children's book for a publisher through my agent. 
Woopppee! It'll be fun to do and is about a caterpillar.
Can't post anything here just now but in meantime here is a wee illie I did this morning.


Gordon Fraser said...

Yoikes Fhi Fhi!!! he looks just like me Dad!! (Hey you, congrats again on getting your want a signed copy!)

Don't forget to visit me Farm can see a mini show reel!

natural attrill said...

Oh, I thought that was a pic of Goth himself!

Laura said...

Congratulations Fhi! That is such great news! :o)

Laura x

Marisa Bogg said...

Wow! Well done!

orange you lucky! said...

I like this dude a lot!
Congratulations on the book!

natural attrill said...

Love it's hat!!