Friday, 15 February 2008

hairy fox

Trying to incorporate more texture into my work over the past couple of days...good fun!
This is a character I've been working on and have a few different versions of him.
Will try and get them uploaded to my site once I've got Dreamweaver in place...hopfully after weekend.
Come on give me some comments! 
You have been very quiet out there in blogland...any one who might be lurking!!- come out come out whoever you are!


natural attrill said...

Hi Fhi,
I visited the other day, didnt get round to leaving a comment that time, sorry.
Nice to see textures in your work -this is new for you isnt it?

Laura said...

Oh wow - this is great, Fhi. I love the texture you've got going on. Brilliant!

Laura x

fhiona galloway said...

thanks Penny and Laura :0))
Sometimes (not very often though) I do inject a bit of texture into my work. Gives it an added dimension.